What Does Ofc Mean?

Many people use the acronym “OCF” (or “oriented around carbon dioxide”). However, many people are also familiar with “OFD” (or “oriented around doer”). The thing is, these acronyms mean the same thing but have slightly different letter sounds. Here’s a list of just the first two variations of these two commonly used acronyms what does ofc mean .

OCF stands for “oriented around controlling emission.” This web-based slang term, naturally, means “of course, regulating emission.” In a way, this is a pretty clear message – you’re regulating or controlling emission. The problem with this kind of abbreviation, however, is that it’s usually used as an exclamation mark. In a sentence like this: “If you want a good exclamation point, I suggest that we regulate industrial emissions across the board.”

OFD stands for “oriented around doer.” This web-based abbreviated text slang for what does of course mean “doing.” Sometimes, when people are texting each other while they’re on the phone, they’ll use this phrase as a question or as a sort of “who’s texting me?” question how many ounces in a pint . Obviously, since the phrase is commonly used as a question, it means simply whoever is texting you will be doing something, whether it’s text messaging you or calling you.

When you consider all of this, you can see why the “ofc” varieties of these two popular acronyms are not widely used throughout most texting communities. But if you were looking for some good slang terms for what you’re saying, “ofc stand” might come in handy. There are a couple reasons for this, as explained in the next paragraph. The first reason is that it’s not necessarily a question, and so it won’t show up as text in your conversation with another person.

Another reason the “ofc” variations aren’t so popular is that they don’t sound very natural. Imagine this: You say something like “Great job” in an SMS to your friend. “Great job” sounds like an invitation to something. When you say it in your voice, with your normal voice, it sounds unnatural. So when you use these two basic texting slangs, it sounds as though you’re trying to say, “Great job…um, what do I need to do next?”

So even though “ofc stand” may be a bit odd, it’s still quite useful in many situations. That’s why there are so many times when you’ll see “ofc” included in texting conversations. Whether you’re using it to send an SMS to someone or you’re having a regular conversation, it can come in handy. You just have to make sure to stay away from the “ofc” versions of these common texting conventions.

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